A Scottish Country Craft

For as long as I can remember, I have knitted in my spare time, and when I say spare time, I mean ALL my spare time! I knitted in my lunch break, in the car on a long journey (someone else was driving, honestly) even took my knitting on holiday!

Looking back, my mother spent most of her spare time knitting too - the fact that I am the youngest of seven children who ran around the countryside we were growing up in, ripping our jersey's as we went, had a lot to do with mother's prime spare time occupation!

She taught me how to knit and following a lot of practice, I began to enjoy my craft!
My own children were easily recognisable in Winter as they were top to toe in woolly things!!

Eventually, even I recognised I had to find an outlet for my urge to knit, and I was running out of family to knit for!
In 2011, I began to sell my work at Craft Fayres in the country towns that surround my home and am fairly proud that I had some small success with sales, but I then decided I needed a wee challenge!!
That challenge was to design then knit my own designs and find an outlet for them!

So....here I am....fulfilling that challenge! Etsy is my outlet for my own designs and other knits!
Enjoy looking at my shop...it never closes and there is always a warm welcome!

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